Our Mission

To provide Resin Producers, Compounders, Molders, Specialty Processors and Equipment Manufacturers in the Plastics Industry with top quality – world class engineering, design, development and project management services at the lowest competitive cost in the Industry Globally.


Who We Are

Oak Tree Engineering, LLC (OTE) took root in June of 2002 as a response to a lack of common ground for different parties in the construction of thermoplastic compounding plants. Just as the mighty oak provides an ecosystem of various animal life, OTE facilitates relationships between vendors and manufacturers by providing resources for effective planning, creative design and long-term sustainability. Our objective is to procure the most cost-efficient and targeted Engineering, Design and Project Management services to our valued customers. OTE specializes in Thermoplastics Compounding and Masterbatch manufacturing fields and has undertaken assignments of varying scope and scale in different parts of the world. In addition to conventional single screw and twin screw compounding consulting, we provide complete engineering, design and project management services in the field of Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (LFRTP) compounding. We have a global network of extrusion equipment suppliers, distributors, construction contractors and other specialty service providers in the compounding industry and can manage any project in this field – from concept to commisioning – in any part of the world.

Since August of 2009, OTE has been installing compounding plants on a ‘turn-key’ basis in India. Subsequently, a new branch was opened in India to serve our customers in the country and surrounding regions. As such, Oak Tree Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (OTCPL) was established in November of 2011 with its India office headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. Since its inception in India, OTCPL has successfully completed several challenging jobs in different parts of the country. OTCPL excels in setting up new compounding plants – from feasibility studies and site selection to equipment installation and commissioning.


Why Oak Tree Engineering?

Oak Tree Engineering is more than a provider of project management. Our team is dedicated to the overall customer experience, ensuring each client’s satisfaction. We work with the latest technology and maintain a staff of well-seasoned veterans combined with individuals of fresh insight. OTE’s track record in process engineering is nothing short of exemplary. Read our testimonials to learn more.

Because of our extensive vendor and supplier network, Oak Tree has the ability to provide a vast array of services under the accountability of one entity. Our small size offers the agility to provide Safe, Quality Driven and Cost Effective services at a competitive prices.


Economic Impact

The image of an oak tree is one of strength, presence and leadership. These qualities, found abundantly in nature, also exist within the walls of Oak Tree Engineering. Our small group of designers and consultants work exclusively to improve process engineering and design in production. Such efforts have had far-reaching implications on the community of Monroe, Michigan, the United States and across the world.

whyoakJust as the hallmark of an oak tree is its dominance of plant life, OTE is a company committed to standing by our customers through all stages of development . One of the organization’s most distinguishing assets is its ability to influence the economy. OTE offers clients new ways to generate income with improved processes and workforce design. These activities, in turn, create more jobs.

While OTE maintains a strong presence in the countries of Mexico and India, the fruits of such labors are visible in the United States. For example:

  • 80 percent of the revenue generated from OTC-affiliated plants in Mexico and India goes into creating jobs in the United States for project engineers and consultants.
  • OTE has worked and continues to work with plants in Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Tennessee. As manufacturing processes in these plants grow, so too does the potential for job creation.
  • OTE works to improve its client plants, which in turn increases productivity and efficiency. This may indirectly lead to higher wages, stronger community presences and more money paid to local and federal taxes, all of which gives way to positive family and community outcomes.
  • OTE directly employs consultants in various states, including Michigan and Tennessee.