Industry Safety & Training

While technology is necessary in any segment of the manufacturing industry, years of experience solidified the notion that an organization’s success largely depends upon a motivated, educated and committed workforce. Thus, we work hand-in-hand with a client’s employees to develop, evaluate and implement performance improvement solutions. The labor force, in turn, acquires the right tools for optimal productivity.

True to our Embedded Consulting™ service mark, OTE also guides clients from the start of every project to the successful conclusion. Our recommended solutions identify gaps in performance, technology issues and equipment flaws. This “total package” facilitation means our customers can rely on us for all of their process manufacturing needs.

Oak Tree Engineering believes workforce training is a vehicle for enhancing performance. We deliver modern training and development solutions designed to improve productivity. This is a simple but effective answer for organizations looking to increase profitability.

Effective management leads to unrealized benefits in the technology sector. What this means is that any technology operated without a properly-trained and motivated workforce is a poor investment. OTE works closely with an organization’s entire staff to evaluate and implement performance improvement solutions. We also develop training and educational modules to ensure processes are correctly handled.

Training can be conducted in many different forms and often covers a wide range of technical and non-technical topics. OTE works closely with managers and supervisors to identify training needs. We then develop a training proposal that we consider to be the most ideal for the given situation. Some of the issues we are adept at handling include:

  • New employee orientation
  • Statistical process controls
  • Proper work methods
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Computer and software use
  • Machine maintenance
  • Safety
  • Team-leadership