Oak Tree Engineering LLC

CPM Extrusion Group

CPM Extrusion Group

OTE recently signed an agreement with CPM to be an authorized representative of CPM in India; this partnership was created to in response to a dire need in the compounding in India regarding spare parts supply, and equipment services in a timely manner.

In collaborating with CPM, OTE’s goal is to fill the gap in the market and provide these services to the customer, not only for CPM products, but support for other brands as well. CPM is known for its capabilities in parts manufacturing and supply and have been providing these services to compounders in the US for over 30 years.

OTE aspires to be a full-service company in the Indian market, however, we realize that we cannot do it alone. Our goal is to build partnerships and alliances with reliable names in the industry.

The collaboration with CPM is very advantageous for both CPM and OTE as both companies are able to coordinate their efforts collectively to assist the customer by providing complete system solutions to the customers in India as well as supply spare parts and services on long term basis. 

For further details about CPM Extrusion Group, please visit their website www.centuryextrusion.com .