Oak Tree Engineering, LLC

Strategic Planning,
and Feasibility Studies

Thorough planning is the key to successful completion of any large small project. Whether it is a new compounding facility, a new line, a line upgrade, or simply an equipment rearrangement project. This is especially true in the case of new plants as critical factors such as launch dates, future capacity, availability of utilities, environmental constraints, and financial requirements are considered.

Feasibility Study

We have wide-ranging experience in all aspects of installation as well as the operation of compounding facilities and have conducted numerous feasibility studies for our customers in the United States, Mexico, and India. We assist customer and investors to assess the feasibility of the project from the technical, economical, and operational points of view. Site selection is a critically important part of any “greenfield plant” project. Important factors to be considered while conducting feasibility studies are:

  • Technical viability.
  • Commercial viability.
  • Environmental and regulatory considerations
  • Legal considerations
  • Operational feasibility
  • Timing and schedule viability

Site Selection

Typical factors considered in the Site Selection of the Feasibility study are:

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Utilities – power and water – for initial and future demand
  • Emissions and effluents
  • Soil conditions
  • Access to highways and railroad
  • Access to skilled and unskilled workforce
  • Access to services such as mechanical and electrical contractors and machine shops
  • Appropriate storage for raw and finished materials – initially and future
  • Room for expansion
  • Potential political or economic conditions