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Integrated Project Management 

We bring everything together…….

Company Evolution

Starting with a small project in 2003, OTE has evolved into a competent and experienced integrated project management company known for its innovative approach to project management in the Thermoplastics Compounding Industry. Partly of necessity and partly by design, we developed a ‘Hybrid’ system as an alternative to EPC and Turnkey basis project management. Under this hybrid project management approach, we take all responsibilities related to the project management and perform all essential tasks exactly in the same manner as the companies offering turnkey project management. The only difference in our case is that ‘OTE does everything and the Customer writes the checks’. Working in this manner, customers keep control of project finances without compromising accountability. OTE works seamlessly with the customer’s procurement group and negotiates the contracts and pricing with vendors, suppliers, and contractors to bring maximum possible cost savings to the customer. OTE has successfully executed some major compounding facilities installation projects, for well-known global organizations, with this approach in different parts of the world. We employ processes that assure that various elements of projects are properly coordinated – which in fact is the definition of ‘Integrated Project Management’.

Integrated Project Management involves the following activities:

  • Discuss, define, and establish customer’s standards processes and guidelines.
  • Review and set project budget estimates with the customer.
  • Prepare costs estimates at various stages of the project.
  • Calculate and report costs drawdown vs. baseline costs on a regular basis.
  • Planning and scheduling in close coordination with customer’s managers.
  • Ensure that all safety and regulatory permits and licenses are duly obtained, and the proper measures are implemented to comply with customer organizational and OSHA regulations.
  • Schedule shutdowns with customer site personnel as and when necessary.
  • Report progress to customer management on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as necessary
  • Work with contractors to review and approve engineering and construction drawings.
  • Work with customer’s engineers and contractors to resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage change-order process to maintain a quick and cost-effective solution to incidental issues.
  • Review project objectives on a regular basis
  • Ensure that all parties on the project site, often with competitive interests, coordinate with each other and the project managers(s) with a singular goal of completing the project in time and within the established budget.

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