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Twin-screw Compounding, Additives Enhance Impact Strength of

Thermoplastic compounding is gaining prominence in consumer goods,
medical, and 3D (3 Dimensional) modeling applications. Companies in the
plastic compounding market are increasing their production capabilities in
long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics. Oak Tree Engineering – a specialist in
thermoplastics compounding is incorporating a wide range of additives,
polymers, fillers, andcolorantsin thermoplastics to meet demanding needs
of clients in the automotive, consumer goods, and 3D modeling
Plastic is the material choice for most consumer goods. Manufacturers in
the plastic compounding market are using twin-screw compounding and
additives to enhance the flexibility, impact strength, and flame retardance of
thermoplastics. These thermoplastics compliment consumer goods
approved for food contact and pet use. Manufacturers are making use of
chemical and mechanical knowledge to ensure that thermoplastics are free
from raw materials that may concern consumers.

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