Oak Tree Engineering, LLC

Installation and

Proper construction management and supervision is vital to safe, timely and successful completion of any technical project. OTE managers and site Engineers, with experience gained from numerous major projects successfully executed globally, use their expertise to coordinate various contractors and suppliers to assure that all safety protocols are adhered to while the focus is on completing the job on schedule. Safety review and ‘toolbox Talk’ meetings are held at the start of work every day. Daily construction review meetings are held regularly with all site personnel including sub-contractors, at the end of workday, to discuss and review the progress made during the day and plan the work for next day.

Daily reports are completed and published by the OTE site manager that includes information on work progress, safety, and critical path action items. The progress is recorded and reported daily by taking site pictures and videos on a daily basis. OTE has had an exceptional record of safety and on-time completion adhering to these protocols in every project we have undertaken since our very first job, in 2003.

Oak Tree Engineering and managers are trained to adhere to tried and tested practices and protocols in construction management. This helps reduce risk and overall project costs for the owner. Some of these construction management tasks are as follows:

  • Work with client’s management to finalize construction and installation contracts with local contractors for all aspects of the project.
  • Manage planning and installation scheduling with contractors.
  • Equipment and materials logistics, receiving, inspection, and checking.
  • As necessary, review, revise and approve all documents and drawings with installation contractors.
  • Set safety guidelines, requirements, and procedures for the project in the beginning and take necessary steps to assure compliance.
  • Provide overall installation supervision and coordination with the client.
  • Work with client’s Engineers and construction contractors to avoid and resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage change-order process to maintain a quick and cost-effective solution to incidental issues.
  • Report progress to Client’s Management on a regular basis during installation and the construction phase.