Oak Tree Engineering, LLC


Strategic Planning, and Feasibility Studies

Thorough planning is the key to successful completion of any, large of small, whether it is a new compounding facility, a new line, a line upgrade, or simply equipment rearrangement project.

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Pre-Engineering and Detail Engineering

Engineering and Design are our core competencies. Between USA and India offices, we have a superb team of engineers and designers who work together.

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Engineering Design Services and 3D Modeling

Design engineering is our core competency. We offer full range of 2D and 3D design services. Our teams of designers and engineers on both side of ocean collaborate to produce technically accurate.

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Installation and Construction

Proper construction management and supervision is vital to safe, timely and successful completion of any technical project. OTE managers and site engineers.

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Startup and Commissioning

Commissioning and startup phase is the final step before hand over and start of production run. OTE is uniquely qualified for this phase because of decades of experience in Compounding industry.

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Integrated Project Management

Starting with a small project in 2003, OTE today, has evolved into a competent and experienced integrated project management company known for its innovative approach to project management.

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