Oak Tree Engineering, LLC

Founder’s Profile



Subodh Sharma is the founder and President of Oak Tree Engineering, LLC founded in Monroe, Michigan, USA in June of 2002. He also leads OT Engineering Pvt. Ltd., as its Managing Director, which he started in Pune in 2011.

After graduating in Electrical Engineering from India, Subodh did a short stint in electrical power transmission field before finding his calling in plastics manufacturing industry, starting with shift supervisor position with a small startup compounding company in New Jersey, USA.

As an engineering professional with hands-on experience in thermoplastics compounding, Subodh has earned respect of his peers and customers alike in design, engineering and project management areas – working with organizations that ranged in size from family owned start-up ventures to multi-national giants in the plastic industry.

His humble roots in India and his personal experiences across the globe have taught him well not only about handling technical and business matters but also about-facing life’s challenges and overcoming personal difficulties with fortitude and grace. It is with this unique perspective that he brings to India the benefit of his experience and expertise in global manufacturing standards and knowledge of safety, quality and regulatory protocols required by customers in US and Europe.

An electrical engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee, India, Mr. Sharma has completed several Senior Management Development and Project Management programs and has earned credits in Business Administration from University of Minnesota, USA.