OTE specializes in the thermo-plastics compounding process and all associated technologies. Our extensive experience allows us to come up with unique, custom solutions with intuitive feature sets designed to help plant operators work safely and efficiently. Support is provided from concept to fabrication.


Process Equipment

Our emphasis on safety and efficiency, combined with our creative custom solutions, is guaranteed to reduce downtime during changeovers and maintenance intervals. We work closely with our customers to offer product design unique to their process. All of our pieces are designed hand-in-hand with the customer, so you know you’ll be getting the product that perfectly fits your needs. Oftentimes, customers opt to build our pieces utilizing their own fabricators. We can also assist in providing quality builders in your area.


  • Multi-Component Collection Hopper Systems
  • Material Transfer Chutes
  • Operator/Equipment Platforms

  • Fabrication Jigs
  • Material Holding Hoppers
  • Feeder Turn-Table Stands

Concept to Fab


Mezzanines & Platforms

OTE provides custom platform design solutions based on individual clients’ needs. A comprehensive stack-up is essential to fluid, streamlined extrusion-based processing. Our custom stack-up options offer uncompromising flexibility with intelligent design characteristics that maximizes the throughput of your product.



Miscellaneous Design Contracting

OTE has established itself in an array of offerings in other sectors of manufacturing as well. When it comes to Mechanical Design, our talented team understands the need to create intuitive, unique design intention along with comprehensive and easy-to-read drawings for fabricators and builders. Contact us for any project; small or large!